Cloud POS system

Use our Cloud POS system to run your restaurant.

  • Cloud based POS system which runs on any Android or iOS tablet.
  • Optimus - CRM designed for restaurants to reward customers.
  • Integrated Online Ordering - Get all your orders in one place.
  • Real-time analytics to further your business

POS features

Offers app based ordering to run on Tablet of your choice.

  • Manage your dine-in experience with convenience of an app.
  • Give accurate waiting times and when a table is going to get empty.
  • Make your staff happy with a simple and easy to use app helping them focus on serving customers.


Marketing and CRM for Restaurants to help answer questions like

  • Do you know how many of your customers are repeat customers ?
  • Do you know when is the right time to offer a discount and to which customer ?
  • Do you know how well your marketing or loyalty discounts are working ?

Restaurant App

Manage your menu and online orders from an easy to use and convenient app.

  • Give discounts to new customers
  • Give rewards to your repeat customers
  • Track how these rewards are helping your business

Powerful insights from orders

Get Powerful insights from your orders through our analytics tools.

  • Find which items are getting ordered more.
  • Identify peak timings and days of week.

Add hassle free online payments to your website

Integrate with your own app or website.
Choose a payment processor that is right for your business.
Allow dine-in guests to pay online for a fast and contactless experience.

Payment processors

We offer integration with all major payment processors including